Unless We Act, This Place Will Be Water

In Philadelphia, if the climate warms by 2°C (3.7°F), the rivers are estimated to rise 19 inches by 2050, putting nearly 2,000 homes and 3,200 people at risk.

To get people to realize where this risk will happen - places we all know and love - we are partnering with This Will Be Water to educate our fellow Philly residents on the realities of sea level rise.

Volunteer Climate Dads visited the city's most threatened locations, using a Climate Central analysis of projected sea level rise. By placing biodegradable stickers that powerfully and succinctly state, "This Place Will Be Water," the campaign focuses the attention of Philadelphia residents and visitors on real risks. In cities across the country, adaptation strategies are needed to address projected sea level rise and prevent the possibility of flooding from coastlines and surrounding rivers.

We are grateful of the media coverage of this campaign. Here are some excerpts:

Now, as Climate Dads prepares to celebrate its one-year anniversary this Father’s Day, it’s doing so provocatively... Over the last week, you may have seen their stickers around Society Hill, Port Richmond, Logan Circle—or on Instagram, where they’re documenting their efforts.

“When folks think about sea level rise, they do think about the Jersey Shore,” Climate Dads founder Ben Block acknowledges. “And maybe they know that Margate just invested millions of dollars into some new dunes and they realize that it’s a problem there. But when they’re at a show at Johnny Brenda’s, will they ever think that this is a spot that could be flooded?  Probably not.” Read more in The Philadelphia Citizen

Jason Sandman, Climate Dads co-founder, hopes to create a sort of ‘sticker shock.’ “This is a chance for people to stop and think ‘climate change is local, climate change is happening here’ and actually do something about it. Its a real chance for parents and fathers to think about what steps they need to take to stop climate change and adapt.” Read the story in Grid Philly

Follow where sea level rise is a threat in Philadelphia on the Climate Dads Instagram account.

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