It’s time fathers speak up. Climate change is personal. It’s our kids, our grandchildren, our community.

This Father’s Day, Climate Dads is collecting stories from fathers to their families on how they are taking action on climate change.

Please share your story below.

Each message will be published on our website, promoted through social media, and featured as part of the Climate Dads launch.

This effort is in partnership with the DearTomorrow project, a community of people promising today to take action on climate change for a safe and healthy tomorrow. DearTomorrow will preserve each message for our children, future grandchildren and future generations.

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Think of a young person for whom you care deeply – your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, a future child not yet born or maybe even your future self. Now imagine it is the year 2050. That child is grown up and raising a family of their own. They open their email and find a message from you, written in the year 2018. The message tells them how you grappled with the idea of climate change – and how you stepped up .

Write that message today. We will share your message now and preserve your message for the future.