We need climate action at the highest levels of government to come close to solving this crisis.

Change is happening. More of us are speaking up within our communities, making climate change a topic of conversation, an issue of political electability.

Climate Dads are among those advocating for a 100% transition to renewable energy. This is more than inspirational. It's tactical.

As more communities push for change, we shine light on how so few leaders understand the complexities of this transition. Even fewer truly understand the transformational economic, social and environmental benefits to come from a low-carbon revolution.

In Philadelphia, a group of Climate Dads took notice of the diesel-fueled buses filling our children's lungs with smoke. The Philly region ranks among the country's highest in asthma rates. The under-funded school district lacks the capital to pay for low-carbon, clean-air electric buses.

Too big of a challenge? Definitely, not. We're organizing a coalition of advocates. We're researching sources of funding to electrify our schools' bus fleets. We're finding the cash to make change happen.