Change is Just Coming over the Horizon

This Father’s Day, Climate Dads began collecting stories from fathers to their families on how they are taking action on climate change. Each message is being archived with the DearTomorrow project.

Climate Dad Steve Block wrote the following message to his children and grandchildren. Share your own story

To my children and their children,

As I raised you, your Mom and I made a vow to take you to as many of the natural wonders that this great country has to offer. We visited as many of the national parks as we could reach. We traveled all around and were blessed to experience and grow to love these wild places and the creatures that inhabited them.

Now, the climate changes, these wild place’s plants and animals are stressed and threatened. I wonder if my children, who by our childhood travels grew to love these places, will also be able to take my grandchildren into the wild.

I fear change is just coming over the horizon and not for the good.

Will my Grandchildren be given the opportunity to love these wild places?

All we can do is do our part and consider he ramifications of all of our actions?

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