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This Father's Day, Climate Dads is collecting stories from fathers to their families on how they are taking action on climate change.


Give your kids climate smarts.

The latest books, talking guides, and outdoor activities to raise informed and active children.


Get resourceful. Take action.

What appliances to buy. Where to charge the new electric car. How to get ready for a warmer world.


Connect with like-minded dads.

Go on a hike. Organize a rally. Do whatever it takes. Create a dad network within your community.

Who are we?

Role models

Responsibility in the age of climate change means no longer expecting the next generation to solve our problems.


We start with education, both for our children and ourselves. Combined with practical tools, members learn how to address our climate impacts.


Who aren't we?

A/C Repair Guys

Confused by our name? While we may know how to repair stuff, we are not fathers for hire. Don't call us to fix your air conditioner.


Mother and grandmother caretakers are welcome to join. While our resources can help all parents, our tools are directed specifically to dads.

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